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Buyer's guide: Yachts with Shallow Draft

Yachts with Shallow Draft for sale

Luxury yachts with shallow draft

Romeo United Yachts explain why it is maybe crucial to have a shallow draft if you own or charter a superyacht.

  • The advantage of a shallow draft is that it allows arriving at coves and harbours that do not have deep water.
  • If your superyacht has a shallow draft, then you can go to, say, Bahamas on your yacht without a need to leave the mothership in deep waters and embark on your tender or a chase boat.
  • Also, the less your draft is, the less is the chance to strike with underwater objects and reefs. Usually, a shallow draft is the feature of a yacht with an aluminium or glass-reinforced plastic/composite hull. If you are looking at the boat propelled by water jets or surface drives, you can be sure it gets this feature.
  • Additionally, if the yacht has these types of propulsion, then there is less gear the boat carries on its bottom, without rudders and propeller shafts. 

Many world-renowned yacht builders are building boats that have a shallow draft. 

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