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Fast Sport Motor Yachts for sale:

Why do so many owners decide to buy a fast sports yacht?
Usually, fast sport yachts can cruise at 25 knots and reach a top speed of 35 knots and even more. Sport yacht has a semi-displacement or a planing hull form with a low draft what allows to go from Ft Lauderdale to say shallow waters of Exumas effortless. During the past few years, another hull emerged as a sensible solution for a fast yacht: fast-displacement hull.

Luxury yacht builders -Azimut, Benetti, Mangusta, Heesen and some others take an additional benefit of a fast-displacement hull to build agile fast cruising superyacht. Quite often a sport yacht is equipped with waterjets or surface drives with a bottom almost flat, without struts, drive shafts or any other protruding underwater parts. In the past the steering of surface piercing drives and waterjets was tricky with a lot of control levers, now joysticks simplify things. Even your youngster can drive a boat with the latest technology (Do not allow them to do it yet, as it can be illegal even under your supervision!). Sport yachts also differ in length: the smallest is 80’/24m-the largest sport yacht is 200’/60m and even more. Quite often a sport yacht has one or even two gyroscopic anti-roll stabilisers which reduce a rocking motion at anchor and make a fast vessel a comfy place to be.

Mostly sport yachts are sleek creatures for better aerodynamics. The superstructure is curved to allow free flow of the air. Of course, you cannot reach such high speeds with small engines; you need the power to travel that fast. That results of twin, triple or even four engines placed inside a sport yacht. Having big and powerful engines does not mean that your sport yacht can travel a short distance, many fast boats are capable long-range cruisers, going for 3,000 nautical miles and more without a need to refuel. Weight is another matter, as an agile vessel should carry as less extra lbs as possible. For that many builders such as Benetti, Mangusta, Pershing, Heesen, choose lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre for traditional GRP. That choice allows a sport yacht to get all the cool features onboard: a swimming pool, a beach club, a gym and even a helipad. If you want to outrun bad weather or leave them Joneses in your wake, then a sport yacht is a proper boat for you.

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