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Buyer's guide: Yachts by type

Buyer's guide:
Yachts by type

Romeo United Yachts explain luxury yachts by type:

There are different types of motor yachts cruising the seas today. Every type of boat has a typical hull shape and construction, which allows attributing each boat to any definite sort. Any yacht type can be the most proper for the owner's needs, suitable for his needs and the way he uses the boat.

There are fast sport yachts or express-cruisers, explorer or expedition yachts, sport fishing yachts, trawlers, centre consoles boats, flybridge motor yachts, yachts with a raised pilothouse, yachts with sporty, recessed flybridge and others. Lately, a new variety of yacht types emerged and gained popularity-crossover motor yachts.  The world changes rapidly, so the tastes of boat owners switch, too. We see a slight decline in the demand for sometimes very popular trawlers as now people want to go faster and reach their destinations quicker. On the other side, centre-console boats with powerful outboard engines are on the rise, often used as a fishing platform that can race from one fishing spot to another.

Understanding the advantages of any distinct yacht type can give you a correct view of what sort of boat is right for you. We do our best to describe the benefits of each class of yacht.

Browse below to see what yacht variety can benefit you as a buyer of a luxury yacht. Don't hesitate to talk to a Romeo United Yachts professional for more information.

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Fast SportYachts

Fast Sport Motor Yachts for sale:

Why do so many owners decide to buy a fast sports yacht?
Usually, fast sport yachts can cruise at 25 knots and reach a top speed of 35 knots and even more. Sport yacht has a semi-displacement or a planing hull form with a low draft what allows to go from Ft Lauderdale to say shallow waters of Exumas effortless. During the past few years, another hull emerged as a sensible solution for a fast yacht: fast-displacement hull.

Luxury yacht builders -Azimut, Benetti, Mangusta, Heesen and some others take an additional benefit of a fast-displacement hull to build agile fast cruising superyacht. Quite often a sport yacht is equipped with waterjets or surface drives with a bottom almost flat, without struts, drive shafts or any other protruding underwater parts. In the past the steering of surface piercing drives and waterjets was tricky with a lot of control levers, now joysticks simplify things. Even your youngster can drive a boat with the latest technology (Do not allow them to do it yet, as it can be illegal even under your supervision!). Sport yachts also differ in length: the smallest is 80’/24m-the largest sport yacht is 200’/60m and even more. Quite often a sport yacht has one or even two gyroscopic anti-roll stabilisers which reduce a rocking motion at anchor and make a fast vessel a comfy place to be.

Mostly sport yachts are sleek creatures for better aerodynamics. The superstructure is curved to allow free flow of the air. Of course, you cannot reach such high speeds with small engines; you need the power to travel that fast. That results of twin, triple or even four engines placed inside a sport yacht. Having big and powerful engines does not mean that your sport yacht can travel a short distance, many fast boats are capable long-range cruisers, going for 3,000 nautical miles and more without a need to refuel. Weight is another matter, as an agile vessel should carry as less extra lbs as possible. For that many builders such as Benetti, Mangusta, Pershing, Heesen, choose lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre for traditional GRP. That choice allows a sport yacht to get all the cool features onboard: a swimming pool, a beach club, a gym and even a helipad. If you want to outrun bad weather or leave them Joneses in your wake, then a sport yacht is a proper boat for you.

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Yachts with Raised Pilot House

Motor Yachts with a raised pilothouse:

What is the benefit of a raised pilothouse (RPH)? The main benefits of an RPH are that it gives better visibility for a helmsman and frees space on the main deck (below the wheelhouse). With this configuration, a wheelhouse is placed half deck above the main deck, so that the space on the main deck can be used for a master cabin. Many owners want their suite to have 180 degrees view out of it to enjoy the surroundings. Usually, you can find the raised pilothouse on yachts larger than 24 metres and smaller than 40 m. The majority of the yacht builders in the 24m to 40m range, including Riva, Custom Line, Sanlorenzo, Azimut, Benetti, Ferretti, Horizon and Ocean Alexander have raised pilothouse models, many of which present similar profiles. The raised pilothouse is accessed by steps from the main deck and from the RPH you can go all the way up to the flybridge. Most wheelhouses have settees in case an owner or his guest wants to join helmsman there.

Browse through our selection of yachts with Raised Pilot House organized by builder, length and build year.

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Explorer yachts

Explorer motor yachts or expedition yachts:

So why these boats are called explorers? A modern expression explorer yacht means that your boat can reach even the remotest destination as normally expedition boat has a sturdy construction and an extended range, the autonomy is more than 8,000 nautical miles. Expedition boats vary in length, the smallest is 17m while the largest is 107m.
Being a tough boat an explorer has a strong full displacement steel hull, reinforced to withstand the roughest weather and also ice. Big waves and strong winds are a natural environment for an explorer; your expedition boat continues to go even when waves are 10 ft and higher and wind is 50 mph while most of the luxury yachts will run for cover. Most often than not an explorer yacht will feature over-engineered hydraulic and steering systems, heavy-duty main engines able to clock many hours between scheduled maintenance.

The trend to build explorers become so popular that even the builders which do not have an explorer in their portfolio in the past joined the game. The popularity of expedition styled yachts created even a sub-niche of common luxury yachts pretend to be explorers (pseudo-explorers). As for true explorers, the recent years have seen a born of a new breed: sport fisherman/explorer crossover yacht.

Please see the best selection of explorers brought to you by Romeo United Yachts team.

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Flybridge motor yachts

Flybridge Motor yacht got its name for the reason that it has a 'Flying Bridge', or another deck placed higher than the main deck.

Usually, a flybridge has an additional helm station additionally to the lower helm located on the main deck. Flybridge has ample seating area making a place which is used even more often than a saloon on the main deck. Many flybridges have a wet bar, lounge area, ice boxes, grilles, outdoor television, stereo systems and to the latest fashion-jacuzzi or a whirlpool. The owners of flybridge motor yachts often prefer the gym equipment to stay there as well, which adds fresh air to the working out routine. The length of a flybridge motor yacht is from 14 meters up to 30 meters. Almost all major boat builders have few flybridge yachts in their portfolio.

Search our comprehensive collection of motor yachts with a flybridge and do not hesitate to get in touch with Romeo United Yachts specialist for more information on any boat you are interested in.

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Support/Shadow Vessels

Yacht support vessels:

Support vessel is a relatively new sort of motor vessel. Designed to carry all the toys, using a support vessel allows the owner to take a helicopter, a submarine, jet skis and tenders to any destination the mothership yacht goes. Nowadays, water toys tend to take a lot of space and going with a yacht support vessel is a great solution.

The benefits of having a yacht support vessel alongside the main ship are many:

  • Using yacht support allows carrying bigger toys. With so much space on board a yacht support vessel, the owner can take a big tender, automobiles, a submarine and a helicopter wherever he goes.
  • Helicopter operations are much more safe and convenient. A yacht support vessel usually has a fully certified helideck ready to operate a larger chopper. A fully certified helipad means that the crew can refuel a helicopter and recondition it if necessary.
  • A support vessel can be turned into an ultimate diving centre.If the owners and their guests like diving, yacht support can accommodate a dive centre and a decompression camera.
  • The cranes installed on a yacht support vessel have a bigger capacity. The launching and retrieving of a sub and water toys are effortless as the support vessel usually has a crane with a capacity to handle even the heaviest of toys.

Pricewise, yacht support costs usually much less than a luxury yacht of the same size as the vessels of this type do not need a luxury outfit the same as a luxury yacht. All the above can explain why yacht support ships have become a logical choice for many luxury yacht owners.

Get in touch with the Romeo United Yachts specialist for any questions you may have.

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TriDeck motor yachts

Romeo United Yachts display the selection of tri-deck motor yachts:

Tri-deck motor yachts are a conventional type of yacht. What makes a motor yacht a tri-deck?

Usually, motor yachts that get two additional decks above the main deck are referred to as a ‘Tri-deck’. Those two decks are named an upper deck and a sundeck. Technically speaking, a tri-deck motor yacht has not three but four decks, with a lower deck right beneath the main deck. The main reason that big boats, usually above 27m and longer, carry these two decks above the main deck is an additional space for relaxation and entertainment. In this configuration, the wheelhouse takes place towards the bow of the upper deck. A sky lounge, also referred to as an upper saloon, to the aft of the wheelhouse. The aft section of the upper deck is an open area for relaxation with access to the sundeck. The main deck usually spots a cockpit in the aft, lobby, main dining area and main saloon. Owners suite is on there also, usually to the bow section of the main deck.

Tri deck superyacht provides a lot of space for the owners and guests both outdoor and in protected areas. 

All major superyacht builders, Amels/Damen, Baglietto, Benetti, Ferretti Custom Line, International Shipyard Ancona, Heesen, Mangusta, Princess, Sanlorenzo, Sunseeker, Tankoa, to name a few, have tri-deck superyachts in their portfolios.

Do not hesitate to talk to a Romeo United Yachts professional for any additional information.

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