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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Westport yachts

Where do they build Westport yachts?

Westports are constructed in three state-of-the-art facilities in the state of Washington. Westport Shipyard, Port Angeles Shipyard and Hoquiam Shipyard produce yachts ranging from 112feet / 34meters to 164feet / 50meters.

Why is Westport so good?

Westport is a synonym of outstanding build quality delivered on time and budget. As a result, Westport yachts have the highest resale value.

What materials do they use to build a Westport?

Westport was among the first to accept all-composite production and thus became a leader of composite technology. Now, these new techniques and materials are being used industry-wide. The composite fibreglass construction maximizes yacht life, lessens maintenance and maximizes resale price.

What is the current Westport yachts model range?

The current models built by Westport are Westport W172, W130, W125 and W112.

What are the most popular Westport models?

The most popular Westport's are W112 and W130. 60 Westport yachts were built based on the W112 platform; 40 vessels were delivered based on the W130 model.

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