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ISA Continental 80m
ISA Yachts-The largest selection of ISA italian luxury super yachts available for sale and charter, all in our database.

The largest selection of ISA italian luxury super yachts available for sale and charter, all in our database.

Discover all ISA Yachts available for sale, yachts prices, availability and the projects ISA Yachts is ready to offer in our database.

Why consider ISA luxury yacht?

ISA luxury custom yachts builder is a part of mighty Palumbo Group, which has several new construction and refit yards in the Mediterranean

Where are ISA yachts built?

ISA builds luxury motor yachts in Ancona, Italy since 2001.

What does ISA stand for?

ISA is an acronym for ‘International Shipyard Ancona’.

What is the current ISA line-up?

As of Now you can select in any ISA yacht represented by Continental, Granturismo, Classic, Sport, eXtra Yachts and full Custom series.

What are the biggest ISA yachts?

The biggest ISA yacht until now is 66.4m Superyacht ISA Granturismo 67 Okto delivered in 2014. Motor Yacht ‘Okto’ exterior is drawn by famous architect Andrea Valicelli; while her elegant interiors were penned by a late Alberto Pinto.
79.9m Superyacht ISA Continental 80 001 which started on speculation due to be delivered in 2023.

Can ISA yacht cross the Atlantic?

Yes, you can cross the Atlantic with an ISA yacht.
Depending on the size, your ISA yacht will have from 4,000 up to 6,000 nautical miles range.

What are the materials used for ISA yachts?

ISA builds the hulls of GRP, Aluminium and Steel. You can choose an ISA yacht with the hull material which suits you best.

Who designs ISA yachts?

The yard works with many world-renowned yacht designers: Team 4 Design-Enrico Gobbi, Too Design - Marco Casali, Hydrotec, Francesco Guida and Luca Dini, to name a few.

Can I design my ISA yacht from scratch?

There are interior and exterior designers that ISA usually works with, but if you prefer to bring your designer, then you can do so too.

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