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5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid
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New from: Price on request
Preowned from: €29,500,000
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New from: Price on request
Preowned from: €29,500,000
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Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid Superyacht

Discover all 3 Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid yachts of which 2 are for sale. Heesen builds 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid in Netherlands to the design of OMEGA ARCHITECTS, using Aluminium for the Fast Displacement hull and Aluminium for the superstructure. Please scroll down to see more details of this model.
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Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid price

Brand new Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid price depends on the chosen equipment, materials and building specs, while the list price in the standard version is: Price on request. Prices for 1 pre-owned Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid yacht for sale start from €29,500,000.00. Consult your Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid expert to find you a perfect yacht on the market or off-market opportunity.
New from: Price on request
Preowned from: €29,500,000
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Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid Specifications

5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid
Asking price, €
From: Price on request
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Length, m
Beam, m
Draught, m
Range, nm
Top speed, knots
Cruising speed, knots
Yacht type
Interior design
Exterior design
Crew cabins


Propulsion type
Hybrid propulsion
2 x120 kW
2 x five blades fixed pitch
2 x MTU 12V 2000 M61
Engine power, hp
2 x 600 kW
Anti-roll stabilisers
Zero speed, naiad dynamics type 720


Displacement, tons
Fuel, l
Fresh water, l
Max persons onboard
Tender garage
Gross tonnage, grt


Hull material
Naval architect
Van Oossanen / Heesen Yachts
ABS X A1 Commercial Yachting Service [X] AMS Large Commercial Yacht Code LY3
Hull type
Fast Displacement
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* the indicated price does excludes any additional extras, taxes, owner's supply and subject to further negotiation. we will be delighted to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price
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Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid

Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid Description

About Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid yacht model:

Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid is a series of Superyacht 164ft/49.8m superyachts built in in Netherlands by Heesen.
2 Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid yachts were delivered so far, with the first of these series, motor yacht Amare II Electra YN 19150 in 2020, followed by 2017 Home Nova YN 1850.

1 more of this model is taking shape in the shipyard now. The latest 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid Orion YN 20750 will be ready in 2025, and it is available for sale.

Created to a design of OMEGA ARCHITECTS, 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid has a Fast Displacement Aluminium hull and Aluminium superstructure driven by 2 x MTU 12V 2000 M61 engines to a maximum speed of 16.3 knots while comfortably cruising at 12 knots. The fuel tank has a capacity of 45000l/9891gal what allows a yacht to cover 3750 nautical miles without the need to refuel. Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid has a beam of 9.1m/30ft. The gross tonnage of this Superyacht Heesen is 499 gross tons. That shows exactly how much interior space this yacht has.

Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid can accommodate up to 12 people in 6 elegant staterooms to be assisted by a total of 9 crew members with 5 cabins for crew members.

Designed by Omega Architects and built with Van Oossanen’s Fast Displacement Hull Form, Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid is Heesen yacht developed with hybrid propulsion. The hybrid propulsion system is able to draw on two sources of power separately or simultaneously: diesel mechanical and diesel electrical. The results speak for themselves. Reduced vibration, less noise and improved efficiency. At the heart of Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid is a dedication to fuel efficiency and comfort. Her lightweight, aluminium hull form offers exceptional performance in a design package under 500GT. Combined with a striking superstructure, vertical bow and generous deck spaces, she is a cut above others in her class.

Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid has a transatlantic range of 3,750 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots. Powered by two MTU 12V 2000 M61 engines, she boasts a top speed of 16.3 knots. Her advanced hybrid propulsion system operates at near-silent levels in electric mode. When operating with both diesel engines and electric motors, owners can enjoy higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid’s efficient Fast Displacement Hull Form allowed our engineers to save space by utilising smaller engines. This means lower fuel consumption without compromising performance - with more space on board to enjoy the yacht life to the fullest. High performance with a reduced environmental impact, Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid provides the best of both worlds. Hybrid technology provides fuel efficiency and a number of cost-reducing benefits. Always with a vision to enhance life on board to the maximum level, Heesen’s hybrid solution offers much more. Silence is the most significant benefit that hybrid technology offers owners, particularly when cruising in the near-silent Hybrid Mode. Noise levels do not exceed 46 dB(A), whilst vibration is drastically reduced to the point of imperceptibility. This combination means peaceful cruising for hours at a time.

Manoeuvrability is an important aspect of any yacht, particularly during harbour or marina operations. High engine torque at low revolutions per minute (RPM) makes manoeuvring at low speeds and in tight spaces more precise. With an electric motor, it is possible to go from full ahead to full astern instantaneously. Hybrid Mode allows significantly easier and more efficient port operations. Fuel-efficiency is achieved when the diesel engines and electric motors are combined during cruising. This provides significant cost and efficiency savings. The most significant fuel consumption benefits onboard Heesen 50m FDHF Hybrid are achieved when cruising in the Hybrid Mode, allowing the yacht to run at no more than 70 litres per hour. This means fewer refuelling stops and more time for cruising.

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Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid Unique features

Hybrid engine system explained:
Silent cruising

Heesen Electra's hybrid engine system embraces the very best of 21st-century technology. Vast improvements in alternative power systems allow us to meet our increasingly important aims of diminishing our environmental impact. The hybrid system offers irresistible advantages over a conventional diesel-powered system: cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient.

The engine can be operated in four different cruising modes:
The technology behind hybrid engines is complex, but the operation is simple. Benefits are undeniable, notable from your first time cruising in smooth silence.

Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode drives the yacht at speeds up to 9 knots. Power is derived purely from the yachts’ e-motors and generators. Hybrid Mode is beautifully silent, with maximum noise levels in the owner’s stateroom reaching just 46 dB(A) – the sound of softly falling rain. Boxed and insulated generators result in vibrationfree cruising, whilst fuel consumption is no more than 70 litres per hour.

Economic Mode

For speeds between 9 and 12 knots, Economic Mode allows you to switch off the generators. Running off the main engines alone, the emotors supply the hotel load.

Cruising Mode

This is the most conventional mode. The e-motors are switched off, with the generators providing power to the hotel load. The main engines drive the yachts’ propellers. In Cruising Mode, Home achieves speeds between 12 to 15 knots.

Boost Mode

Boost Mode enables Heesen Electra to hit her top speed of 16.3 knots with ease. The yacht runs on the main engines and generators, whereby the e-motor is fed on the gearbox.

Fast displacement hull (FDHF)


  • Round bilge, bulbous bow, sprayrail
  • Small submerged aft body
  • Less expressive primary resistance hump
  • Comfortable seagoing behaviour

Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid General arrangement

 Heesen 5000 Aluminium FDHF Hybrid  <b>General arrangement</b>
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