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Buyer's guide: Support/Shadow Vessels

Buyer's guide:
Support/Shadow Vessels

Yacht support vessels:

Support vessel is a relatively new sort of motor vessel. Designed to carry all the toys, using a support vessel allows the owner to take a helicopter, a submarine, jet skis and tenders to any destination the mothership yacht goes. Nowadays, water toys tend to take a lot of space and going with a yacht support vessel is a great solution.

The benefits of having a yacht support vessel alongside the main ship are many:

  • Using yacht support allows carrying bigger toys. With so much space on board a yacht support vessel, the owner can take a big tender, automobiles, a submarine and a helicopter wherever he goes.
  • Helicopter operations are much more safe and convenient. A yacht support vessel usually has a fully certified helideck ready to operate a larger chopper. A fully certified helipad means that the crew can refuel a helicopter and recondition it if necessary.
  • A support vessel can be turned into an ultimate diving centre.If the owners and their guests like diving, yacht support can accommodate a dive centre and a decompression camera.
  • The cranes installed on a yacht support vessel have a bigger capacity. The launching and retrieving of a sub and water toys are effortless as the support vessel usually has a crane with a capacity to handle even the heaviest of toys.

Pricewise, yacht support costs usually much less than a luxury yacht of the same size as the vessels of this type do not need a luxury outfit the same as a luxury yacht. All the above can explain why yacht support ships have become a logical choice for many luxury yacht owners.

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