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View Codecasa Luxury Yachts for Sale, carefully selected by Romeo United Yachts team. Browse for pre-owned Codecasa yachts for sale and projects Codecasa is ready to offer. Codecasa yachts are built in Steel and Aluminium in Italy since 1825. Codecasa yachts is the oldest family owned shipyard in Italy.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Codecasa yachts

Why consider Codecasa luxury yacht?

Codecasa luxury yachts are best known for boats from 35 metres up to 70 meters with great value and proven technical solutions. The quality of Codecasa is unmatched to most of the other builders.

Where are Codecasa yachts built?

Codecasa builds luxury motor yachts in Viareggio, Italy.

Why is it called Codecasa?

Codecasa is a family-owned shipyard, established in 1825, still run by the heirs of the founder, Codecasa is the oldest builder in Italy owned by the same family for nearly 200 years.

What is the current Codecasa line-up?

As of now, you can select in any Codecasa yacht represented by Vintage, Sport and Classic series. The newest addition is Fast Displacement line started in 2020.

What is the beauty of Codecasa Vintage series?

Codecasa Vintage series packs a lot of a boat in one package of 43m Motor Super Codecasa 43 Vintage F77. Despite being just 43 m, the yacht has almost 500 gross tons of interior volume. 49.9m Motor Super Codecasa 50 Vintage Gazzella II will get the space of 850 gross tons.

What is the most famous Codecasa yacht?

The most known Codecasa yacht is probably 65m Motor Super Codecasa 65m Classic Maìn commissioned by legendary Giorgio Armani.

Can Codecasa yacht cross the Atlantic?

Yes, Codecasa yacht can be both fast and also very efficient. Depending on the size, your Codecasa yacht will have up to 6,000 nautical miles range.

What are the materials used for Codecasa yachts?

Codecasa builds the hulls of Aluminium and Steel. You can choose a Codecasa yacht with the hull material which suits you best.

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