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Hybrid motor yachts

Yachts with a hybrid power plant: 

Recent years saw keen interest from yacht owners in hybrid power plants in the machine halls of luxury superyachts. As now the world goes green, future and existing owners consider hybrid yacht ownership as their contribution to saving the oceans and seas. We are proud to showcase the most comprehensive selection of the existing hybrid luxury boats and yachts available for sale and pre-order.

We explain the advantages of a hybrid yachts as Q and A:

Q: Does hybrid mean that a yacht can operate in different modes? 

A: Hybrid power can be used in different modes while moving:

Q: What is a hybrid motor yacht, and why this set-up is called a ‘hybrid’? 

A: Hybrid power on a motor yacht means that the vessel is driven by diesel engines operating together with electric motors. The advantage of hybrid power is much more comfortable navigation as the boat can run on electric motors alone, much quieter than diesel engines. That is especially useful when a yacht moves in the night when silence onboard is essential

Q: What are the components of a hybrid system? 

A: The main components of a hybrid power are a) Electric motors, b) Rechargeable batteries,с) Diesel engines and d) diesel generators

Q: Does hybrid power allow to stay at anchor without running diesel generators? 

A: Yes, as there are powerful electric batteries onboard which supply electric power to air-condition and other electric appliances so that you can stay at anchor in absolute tranquillity without a need to run diesel generators.

Q: What other advantages has a hybrid yacht over traditional diesel engines?

A: A hybrid yacht probably will have a better value than the one equipped with diesel engines. That means that a hybrid sells faster on a pre-owned market and for a higher price. 

Q: Ok, it all looks so good, so what are the downsides of this system? 

A: The disadvantage of a hybrid is more often than not, the components require more space in the engine room than a traditional set-up. Another disadvantage is an added cost. Usually, builders ask for a premium for a hybrid system.

Q: Is going hybrid becomes a trend in a modern yacht building? 

A: Yes, practically all leading shipyards have hybrid proposals in their portfolio.

One of the first builders who saw the beauty of this system was Holland Jachtbouw which introduced its silent running J-class yacht Rainbow  back in 2012.


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