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Yachts with Helipad

Yachts with helicopters. Why the owners want a yacht with a helideck?

To have a helipad on a luxury yacht gives a lot of possibilities to the yacht owner. First, you can get to your boat much faster, second, you can get on board while the boat is at anchor off the coast away from a marina.

There are two types of helipads:

  •   Touch and go helipads which do not allow you to take a helicopter with you;
  •   Fully certified helideck, with a possibility to refuel your chopper and carry it with you to any destination you visit.

Some bigger superyachts have helicopter hangars where the chopper is stowed until you need to use it. Having a copter with you is very convenient to an adventurous owner, you no longer need to go ashore by a tender, you can board your chopper and fly to the place which you can reach, only if you fly there. Imagine going heliskiing in 30 minutes after you leave your boat behind. Residing in Geneva and want to be on your yacht which is moored in Monaco? Let your pilot take you there in a matter of an hour!

Romeo United Yachts present the best selection of yachts with pads for a chopper organized by length, year and builder.


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