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Tankoa S701 Solo

Tankoa italian luxury super yachts available for sale and charter, all in our database.

Why choose Tankoa Yachts? Tankoa Yachts build some of the world's finest superyachts, with the very high-quality standards of North-European builders. Born from a passion for the sea, Tankoa Yachts pursues the concept of “thinking big”. Tankoa Yachts infrastructure and expertise are focused on extraordinary semi-custom and custom constructions of 50-meter and up. Tankoa Yachts mission: to deliver first-class yachts, one-off or small series, which natural extension resides in unseen before after-sale services.

An absolute dream team of experts brought together some of the world’s most respected professionals from the construction floor up to the engineering and technical office and top managers. Every single client is owed a personal, one-to-one, approach which consists first in listening to him and understanding his expectations, way of living and enjoying the sea.

Tankoa Yachts traditions and latest technologies, design and efficiency live together to give birth to splendid yachts which reflect their owners’ unique identities and way of living the sea. And despite very structured and organized processes, superior quality, superb engineering and second-to-none technical specifications, we always manage to keep a high level of flexibility.

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