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Yachts by feature:
Yachts by hull material

Romeo United Yachts explain luxury yachts by hull material.

Modern luxury yachts have different hull materials. Any given hull material can be the most proper for the owner's needs, suitable for how he runs his boat.
Understanding the advantages of any particular hull construction material can give you a precise idea of what sort of vessel is right for you. We do our best to describe the benefits of steel yachts, aluminium yachts and composite and glass-reinforced plastic yachts.

Browse below to see what hull material can benefit you as a buyer of a luxury yacht. Don't hesitate to talk to a Romeo United Yachts specialist for more information.

Fibreglass/Composite yachts

Fibreglass (GRP) yachts:

Fibreglass boats mainly replaced wooden vessels starting from the 1960s. GRP or composite hulls are the easiest to maintain. Usually, you only need to renew antifouling on the bottom of the fibreglass yacht and make a polishing once every 1 or 2 years. Earlier boats suffered from osmosis that was the worst thing that could happen to GRP boat. However, modern vinylester materials eliminate osmosis. Decent quality GRP means many years of trouble-free ownership. Also, GRP/Composite vessel is easy to repair if you got it damaged. You can repair GRP hull anywhere in the world.

Browse through the best selection of Fibreglass/GRP yachts or contact Romeo United specialist for the best advice.

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Steel yachts

Steel hulled yachts:

Steel is an age-long proven solution for luxury superyachts.
Builders use high-tensile steel for making superyacht as it gives strength to the ship's structure. Steel yacht usually has full Displacement or Fast-displacement hull. Steel is one of the best choices for explorers, expedition yachts, mega yachts, trawlers and a few sailing yachts. Steel is a heavy material, but when you need the hull to withstand all the sea can present, there is no alternative. If a megayacht has a steel hull, it can be fast as well. 180 m Lürssen Azzam features a steel hull and hits a top speed of 40 knots.

Browse through the best selection of steel yachts or contact Romeo United specialist for the best advice.

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Aluminium yachts

Aluminium hulled yachts:

Builders use marine-grade aluminium to build a hull when the yacht needs to high structural rigidity and to save weight at the same time. More often than not fast displacement and planing mega yachts have aluminium welded hulls. Usually, a yacht with aluminium hull will have less weight than both steel and fibreglass boat of the same length. Last years have seen the arrival of fast Mangusta Gransport 45 and 54 with their hulls made of aluminium, while Dutch superyacht builder Heesen is building aluminium boats for many years. Largest superyacht in Pershing model line-up, Pershing 140 is built entirely in aluminium too.

Browse through the best selection of steel yachts or contact Romeo United specialist for the best advice.

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