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View Azimut Luxury Yachts for Sale, carefully selected by Romeo United Yachts team. Browse for pre-owned Azimut Boats you can buy today worldwide. Azimut builds boats in GRP in Italy since 1969. Azimut Yachts is the part of Azimut|Benetti group which today is the largest boatbuilder in the world.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Azimut yachts

Why buy an Azimut luxury yacht?

Azimut Yachts are all about sophisticated design and technological supremacy, so whatever Azimut you buy it is easily recognised from a mile away.

Where do they build Azimut yachts?

The largest of the series, Azimut Grande are built in Viareggio, Italy, at the same facilities where Benetti yachts are built, while smaller models are made in three other locations in Italy and other countries. Azimut Yachts is a part of the mighty Azimut-Benetti group, the largest superyacht builder in the world.

What Azimut yachts are made of?

The modern Azimut’s hulls and superstructures are made of fibreglass and reinforced with lightweight and super strong Carbon Fibre.

How fast are Azimuts?

Mostly Azimuts are fast and agile luxury cruisers, they reach a top speed of 30 knots and more. The underwater hull shapes of Azimut 26.78m Motor Azimut 27 METRI, 29.1m Motor Azimut 30 METRI, 32m Motor Azimut 32 METRI and Azimut 35m Motor Azimut 35 METRI are engineered by marine engineer Pierluigi Ausonio who designed revolutionary D2P hull (stands for Displacement to Planing Hull) giving the comfort of displacement vessel to a high-speed luxury yacht.

What engines Azimut yachts have?

The larger Azimuts are equipped with MTU, MAN and Caterpillar marine engines.How fast Azimut yacht depreciates?

What happens when I decide to sell my Azimut yacht?

An Azimut yacht will give you many years of comfortable cruising.
However, if you decide to sell your Azimut yacht it will be easier to do as the brand is recognised everywhere in the world, with lower depreciation compared to other brands.

Who designs Azimut yachts?

Azimut works with the most distinguished names in yachting: Stefano Righini, Carlo Galeazzi, Achille Salvagni, Alberto Mancini and Francesco Guida.

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