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How to Sell Your Superyacht
Get most of the experienced yacht brokers at Romeo United Yachts to put your luxury yacht up for sale

Seven Steps of Yacht Sales

Your yacht is certainly one of your most cherished items. It is essential to get the ideal buyer at the right price in the least amount of time. By appointing Romeo United Yachts as your representative, the sale of your yacht will be successful and timely.

1. Choosing A Yacht Broker

When you decide to sell your yacht, the initial step is to appoint a yacht broker or primary agent. A good yacht broker will have detailed knowledge of the market, be abreast of market performance, and be able to provide accurate reports. We have access to an extensive database of brokers worldwide to whom we will present your yacht and support from a strong marketing team to help increase the yacht’s profile. Throughout the sales period, your broker will be on hand to provide the vital link between you, the captain and potential buyers, managing all the details, including engaging and qualifying prospective buyers, viewings, price negotiations, sea trials, surveys and contracts.

2. Vessel Valuation

Any client selling a yacht obviously wants to receive the maximum price. Romeo United Yachts' team of professional brokers has significant expertise in the sale and purchase market and will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your yacht before giving their opinion on the asking price and the pricing procedure. With our combined knowledge, years of experience, and database of sold yachts, your broker can accurately advice on a reasonable asking price in relation to current market conditions.

A Romeo United Yachts broker will provide a realistic evaluation of your yacht, without overvaluing it and then consistently asking for price reductions. Although certain yachts that may resemble yours may have varying values and commercial potential, keep in mind that each yacht is individual and has its own qualities that may be appealing to buyers. Romeo United is prioritizing the selection of features with the greatest potential value, while ensuring that the price remains competitive and maximizes the worth of your yacht.

3. Promotion

Once appointed your representative, your Romeo United Yachts broker will ensure that your yacht is advertised effectively with accurate information and optimal marketing tools. We shall create a thorough and informative report on your yacht, stemming from our experience there and conversations with the captain and crew. This package will illustrate all aspects of the yacht’s equipment and performance, showcasing the market niche for your yacht. Your broker will then get in touch with prospective buyers from our extensive database of past owners and buyers, additionally to current owners and clients who are seeking to buy.

4. Marketing Your Yacht

Romeo United engages in both traditional marketing activities and innovative digital campaigns to ensure your yacht is marketing effectively. Through extensive advertising in yachting and lifestyle media and our website, our marketing approach has enabled us to be highly visible in the yachting market. The broker can be available to aid in the arranging of boat shows, open houses, and other upscale events. Romeo United Yachts also works with strategic partners around the world to promote your yacht to targeted audiences.

5. Coordinating Viewings

Any serious buyer will want to personally inspect the boat they're considering purchasing before making an offer. A broker from Romeo United Yachts will not only schedule viewings at a convenient time for the owner or their crew, but will also be on hand during the visit to ensure a seamless experience. If the asking price is reasonable, several potential buyers may visit the yacht or send a representative.

6. Evaluating Offers

Following the viewing, the potential buyer will likely submit a price offer. Romeo United will promptly notify the seller upon receiving a formal letter of intent, providing insight into the prospective buyer's offer.

7. Negotiations & Completion

Upon finding a buyer, your broker will support you through the negotiation phase, verifying that all documentation is up to date prior to closing the purchase agreement, sea trial and final paperwork. The brokers of Romeo United Yachts have gained a prominent position for their safe appointment and established their competence in making deals happen.

If your yacht is available for sale please contact us with details and we will update our records.

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